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11 years at the Capstone

Like so many other students who will proudly walk across The University of Alabama graduation stage, I am thrilled to take my next steps, reflective on the experience of our individual formative journeys and a little terrified to leave this place. After 11 academic years and nearly as many summers ...

Love, lust and the continuing human narrative

The late-night clientele of Galettes and everyone’s favorite comic from ancient Greece, Aristophanes, have been searching for answers to the same questions: What is love, how do we find it, and how does it work?

Beyoncé wins the 2014 Grammys

Generally, I am pretty terrible at keeping up with news in the music and movie industries. Actually, my general pop culture IQ ranks somewhere in the “they let her outside, don’t they?” range.

Humans have lost all humanity

Last Friday evening some 250 bottlenose dolphins were captured and herded into nets in the famous Taiji Cove in Japan.

'Doctor Who' series worth diving into this spring

After years of saying no, I’ve finally given in to the guilty pleasure that is the British Broadcasting Company’s hit television series “Doctor Who.” And it has been glorious. Has this magnificent cinema distracted me from writing my dissertation?

Cason Kirby for Alabama governor

Once he has fixed Tuscaloosa’s public school system, I believe Cason Kirby should ascend to the Alabama Governor’s Mansion.