Michael Smith


Populism is a dirty word in politics

Most policy decisions require numbers, analysis, research and evidence that then, when matched with a set of priorities and principles, can be determined. But the idea that all of our problems can be solved by simply implementing the most popular ideas is ridiculous, and it completely ignores the nuance ...

Jalen Hurts should remain Alabama's starting quarterback

I am not advocating for Tua to sit on the bench continuously until the game hits garage time, but I am wholeheartedly saying that those pondering the idea that Jalen should transfer because he is of no more use to the team are dead wrong and extremely shortsighted.

Apathy from independents gives the Machine its power

Most students see student government as a joke, as riddled with corruption as it is meaningless. Thus, no one cares enough to vote, handing the keys for The Machine to run the student government as a joke, creating a vicious cycle.