Michael Dawson


We need more non-violent video games

Digital violence may not turn people into serial killers, but when done wrong and done gratuitously, it can desensitize us and make us numb to emotion in stories.

Musical makes a spelling bee fun for all

UA Theatre & Dance's current musical, showing in the Allen Bales Theatre, provides a delightful evening of comedy as characters compete in a spelling bee and even involve the audience. 

YouTube should amplify voices of LGBTQ minorities

Success for YouTube, its content-makers and its viewers, has always relied on algorithms, the invisible math that guides relevant content matches whenever you search for a video. And as advanced and effective as such programming can be, it is not without its steep drawbacks – particularly for the ...

The white privilege within terrorism

When news media outlets refer to Stephen Paddock as a “crazed lone wolf” or “a troubled man”, or refuses to label him as a “terrorist” as they do to non-white criminals... white unity is at its strongest and most terrifying.

Avondale Brewing Company welcomes Jon Pardi with CMT tour

The Avondale Brewing Company in Birmingham, Alabama will be hosting Jon Pardi's CMT Tour concert on Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. The tour features up-and-coming country music star acts, such as Jon Pardi, Runaway June, Midland and Doors.

Opera Guild hosts annual fundraising gala

There will be a formal dinner, along with auctions and prizes such as a photo safari trip in South Africa, a beach home vacation package, a diamond pendent and over 50 other items for both silent and live auctions.