Michael Dawson


A Bright Room Called Day mixes history, tragedy and comedy

Written in 1994 by Tony Kushner, A Bright Room Called Day takes place in 1933 in Berlin, Germany, on the very heel of the Nazi’s rise to power. It follows the life of film actress Agnes Eggling, who struggles with keeping both her artistic integrity, as well as her own livelihood amidst a Nazi-saturated ...

Men can and should be better "Me Too" allies

All sexual harassment, regardless of how "mild" it may seem, is bad and should be treated as such. Touching someone without their permission shouldn't been seen as anything less than despicable.

We need more non-violent video games

Digital violence may not turn people into serial killers, but when done wrong and done gratuitously, it can desensitize us and make us numb to emotion in stories.

Musical makes a spelling bee fun for all

UA Theatre & Dance's current musical, showing in the Allen Bales Theatre, provides a delightful evening of comedy as characters compete in a spelling bee and even involve the audience.