Meghan Dorn


Getting a cyber black eye

Fascinatingly, with the rapid development of technology, we still have not developed a way to reach through computer screens and punch someone typing foolish statements from their keyboard. I am a big fan of “unplugging” and un-friending individuals in order to avoid these blood-boiling triggers. ...

Why invest in diversity?

The University of Alabama likes being the best. We like winning National Championships, we like having trophies line our halls and we like when national papers sing our praises.

You in the wild

Hiking is my form of active meditation. You are forced to be fully in the present. Your thoughts rotate between deciding where your foot will go next, looking upward for trail blazes, listening to your body’s needs and seeing how far you can push yourself forward.

Getting it right: letting students know about severe weather

Getting the right mix between overcautious and careless can be a tough call. As students were all staring down at their phones wondering if class was going to be cancelled as the weather fluctuated between sunny and 75º to sudden downpour, at least for once they knew the University of Alabama was watching ...

Who will take UA's 2016 SGA?

What’s the thrill that keeps this campus buzzing after they put the National Championship trophy safely in its case?

Alabama loses from lack of lottery

36 16 29 11 57, and most importantly 2. In order, these numbers represent Alabama Football’s Bowl Appearances, National Championships, SEC championships, Division tiles, All Americans, and finally Heisman winners.