Megan Friend


Glory Bound takes to The Strip

Tuscaloosa’s favorite gyro spot is bound for a new location. Glory Bound Gyro Co. is moving from its previous location, Brown’s Corner, to replace the spot once held by Steamer’s on The Strip.

Hollywood should stop with needless remakes

TV shows and movies, in their original form- with their unique interplay of dialogue, visuals, costumes, actors, jokes, and a million other details- capture a unique moment in time and culture. If the content from years back is a bit different than what we see nowadays, that’s something to be valued, ...

Elect John Martin Weed for SGA Senate

I know that every platform can sound pretty, and it is easy for any candidate to just say they want to make a difference. However, I really cannot stress to you enough the genuine nature of John Martin Weed and every syllable that comes out of his mouth. 

Waffle House is too good for you

That’s right, no matter what you’re doing or where you are, or how horrible your life is at said moment, Waffle House will literally always be there to support you.

College women, congratulations on being single

Here at a place where you literally have endless opportunities and your whole life is ahead of you, maybe you could put all the love that you want to give some random, nameless dude into yourself and becoming the best version of you.