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"Battlefield: Hardline" lets gamers play cops and robbers

In anticipation of the upcoming World War I first person shooter, “Battlefield One,” I decided to test out the entry in the series I missed, “Battlefield: Hardline.” Snagging the game for $5 during PlayStation's "Best of E3" sale, I was greeted to the fast paced world of cops and robbers. ...

Fallout 4 lets players experiment with mod support

The wasteland used to be a lonely affair. Just my faithful companion, Dogmeat, and I traversing the ruined remnants of Boston.  Sure, I’d occasionally come across others, but they’d never stay nor would I linger around.

Where the magnolia tree stands: a look back at the April 27 tornado

Everyday, Ashley Mims wakes up in Wetumpka, Alabama. She takes her children to soccer practice and discusses future plans for college. She debates the price of soccer camp in Tuscaloosa with her youngest daughters. She takes her kids out to eat at their favorite pizzeria: Papa Johns. Like any mother ...