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Push Against the Status Quo

I’ve been at The University of Alabama since August 2008, and the amount of changes that the University and city have undergone is staggering to consider. The University has gone from having a Machine candidate elected under suspicious circumstances my freshman year to an independent candidate being ...

2014-2015 SGA had successes, failures

The 2014-2015 SGA Senate had its final meeting on Thursday, March 26. It was an interesting experience to serve as the law school Senator. Unsurprisingly, all of the legislation that was moderately controversial failed to either reach the floor for a vote or pass. This acceptance of the status quo can ...

Student protests protect speech

Student protests of individuals chosen to speak at their schools, especially commencement speakers, have increased over the past few years.

Terrorism is not limited to Islam

Imagine that there was a terrorist organization operating within the United States that had killed several thousand Americans, had over one hundred loosely organized chapters, and was continuing to be caught planning attacks.

Obama misses mark in State of the Union

President Obama gave his last important State of the Union earlier this month. Though he has one more State of the Union address to give, that one will be overshadowed by electoral politics.

MLK saw more than a 'dream'

Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for the federal and state governments in America. Many will spend the day focusing on his “I Have a Dream” speech, especially his hope that his children would live in a nation that would not judge them “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their ...

UA Board should undergo reform

UAB Football appears to be once again in trouble from their biggest foe, the University of Alabama Board of Trustees. The University of Alabama Board of Trustees oversees the entire University of Alabama system, which includes UAB and UAH. There have been quite a few questions over the years regarding ...

Racial biases steer prison sentences

The Huntsville City Schools paid a former Federal Bureau of Investigations agent $157,000 last year. This salary is probably more than any school teacher made in the district that year, but more importantly, the program ran by the agent resulted in over 600 Huntsville City School students’ social ...

Uber must have stricter criteria

Tuscaloosa has recently become involved in a debate many other cities are dealing with: ridesharing. Uber, a California-based ridesharing company, expanded to Tuscaloosa and was providing its services in the city. However, Uber has several problems: the drivers don’t have business licenses, they are ...