Mason Estevez


UPDATED: White nationalist speaker sparks controversy

Jared Taylor, a white nationalist,  was invited to speak at the University of Alabama on April 19 in the Russell Hall auditorium by the political group Students for America First. The title of his lecture is “Diversity: Is it Good For America?” Taylor said he plans to answer that question with ...

Alabama's death penalty is still far from fair

In one of her first acts as governor, Kay Ivey signed a bill to get rid of Alabama’s judicial override law, the rule that formerly allowed judges in Alabama to go against the recommendation of a jury and impose the death penalty on defendants in capital murder cases. The change was long overdue.

Mainstream platforms must prevent hate speech

Hate-filled communities are far from hard to find online. There are big ones that are well known and get tens of thousands of views each month and small ones with only a handful of posters.

There are positives in our government

It seems like it’s been a rough few months here huh? There’s a lot of negativity in the air from both parties about politics, the government in general and whether or not armed rebellion is a valid option at this point. Trump has a historically low 40 percent incoming presidential approval rating. ...

Alabama's judicial override system must end

Lost in a flurry of other news from Washington D.C., the Supreme Court last Monday refused to hear a case challenging the constitutionality of Alabama’s capital punishment scheme.