Mary Catherine Connors


Never forget who you want to be as you grow up

As children, we are constantly asked who our role models are. First it is Superman, Batman or any number of fictional characters; however, as we grow in our understanding of the world and the connection between thoughts and emotion becomes more intricate, our concept of role models does as well. Suddenly, ...

Young adult fiction applicable to college students, too

As college students, we live on the edge of an age range that seeks to define young adult fiction, although the numbers that constitute that range are often blurred. Preteens to middle-aged adults seem to find the stories equally fascinating and I’d have to agree.

On 50th anniversary, Selma merits conversation

I did not have the opportunity to see President Obama speak last Saturday in Selma on the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday.” Yet the glorious power of YouTube and a filmy Mac screen allowed me to watch the President stand in front of the Edmund Pettus Bridge and summarize the last 50 years of both ...

Cyber-bullying a universal problem

Katherine Webb-McCarron is the University of Alabama’s own personal Kate Middleton. She’s beautiful, was a model at one point, and has been in the public eye ever since that faithful football game when an announcer made more than a few comments about her looks.

Campus divisions hurt unification cause

Scott Stern’s piece in the February 2nd edition of the Yale Daily News was entitled, “The New Yale Man.” It was strikingly honest, charged, and cast an interesting perspective on the stereotypical Ivy League student.

Loss of Bryce makes loss of University history

Positioned at the corner of Shelby Quad and the Recreation Center, Peter Bryce Hospital is emblematic of Tuscaloosa’s history, the University of Alabama’s history, and America’s progression in caring for the mentally ill.

Polarization not a source for joking

It’s big news: Taylor Swift is now being used as a pawn in the game of polarized politics. Late Friday afternoon, Speaker of the House John Boehner tweeted, “Dear Mr. President, there is no #BlankSpace in the taxpayers’ checkbook.”