Marissa Cornelius


SENIOR COLUMN: Don't take yourself too seriously

 You matter, always, and college matters, too, but not that much. Use it for what it’s meant for: immersing yourself in academics, discovering what you truly care about, and making the best friends of your life.

Stop describing yourself as "OCD"

Firstly, you can’t “be” OCD. It’s not an adjective, it’s a disease. Secondly, they have no idea the toll that disease took on me and my family, no idea that I fight every single day to remain healthy.

"Girl power" feminism is not enough

[Many women] become so entrenched in their own issues that they don’t acknowledge the even harsher realities facing women of color, poor women, queer women and women in other marginalized groups. 

White people must examine their own racist attitudes

If you’re white, you’re probably racist. I don’t necessarily mean you say openly bigoted things or that you like spending your weekends defending Confederate monuments (though you might be that brand of racist, too), I just mean that you probably have a lot of internalized racist beliefs that ...

Education is an honorable profession

I need to admit that I was left incredibly inspired by the recent nomination of and subsequent confirmation hearings for Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

There is no such thing as an anti-choice feminist

Recently, the campus organization Not On My Campus – a sexual assault advocacy group – was criticized by certain anti-choice organizations and individuals on social media for choosing to support the West Alabama Women’s Center and the Clinic Defense Project.

Bystander intervention is not enough

Recently, there has been much discussion on campus and much written in the Crimson White regarding sexual assault. Much of this discussion has included warranted criticisms of the administration and the SGA’s lack of tangible action regarding the issue.

Language can help us heal

I have always loved language. Whether it be poetry, prose, song lyrics or newspaper articles, I have always been transfixed by the written word; every metaphor, image, clever turn of phrase or beautifully-structured sentence makes me feel like maybe magic does really exist — maybe we could learn to ...

Alcoholism doesn't start after graduation

“You’re not an alcoholic until you graduate college.” Many of us have heard this classic adage used to justify repeated nights of binge drinking. While it is funny and can reassure us that our drinking habits are not that unhealthy, it reflects an ultimately harmful attitude toward alcohol that ...