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Are you sure you’re from Alabama?

This observation, made by a classmate, sums up any senior wisdom this article attempts to impart upon you, reader.  Because the truth is that yes, I am from Alabama.

Gorgas case exhibits black history artifacts

To explore the contents of the glass display cases and frames in Gorgas Library’s Pearson Foyer is to peer at a snapshot of historically and culturally significant representations of the last 150 years.

Chalking provides outlet for free expression

A quick Google search for “college campus chalking” reveals that The University of Alabama is among many colleges that allow for the chalking of grounds in order to provide, as the University’s chalking guidelines state, an “inexpensive way to advertise or promote programs and events.”

Student balances career and classes

Between hosting WVUA’s “Geek Life” and “Relevant Radio,” holding two jobs and taking classes for his advertising major and art minor, Dodson Seitz’s life sometimes seems to mirror those of the comic book superheroes he grew up loving.

Students help at after-school tutoring program

Memories of one’s childhood are sometimes marked by the smell of new crayons, the taste of a freshly-opened Capri Sun or the presence of a special mentor. Through the Plum Grove Baptist Church after-school program, UA students are able to help fill these role model positions in the lives of 
local ...

2 Tuscaloosa Chipotle locations stop serving carnitas

For many Chipotle regulars in the Tuscaloosa area, there will be one fewer option on the menu. The Southwest cuisine-based restaurant has cut carnitas, a seasoned style of braised pork, from the menu in one third of its 1,600 restaurants after a pork supplier was found to have violated Chipotle’s ...