Madison Crain


Judaism, a small but close community at UA

One morning last September, Bianca Levy expected to be preparing for the drive to her Atlanta home to observe Yom Kippur, a central Jewish religious holiday that revolves around personal repentance and remembrance of the deceased.

How social media affects body image

Obsessing over editing photos can be easy with all the applications now available. Some social media editing programs claim that they can do anything from clearing blemishes to whitening teeth to shaving off a few pounds, all in the name of that perfect Instagram. For some users, a body image problem ...

Trivia night at Egan's has students competing in battle of brains

When standing on the strip, a big black door looms with a white, painted phrase- "Be Twenty-One or be Gone!" Another hovers above the doorframe, saying "Warning- Thick Smoke, Dim Lights, Loud Music--Welcome to Egan's!" Inside and true to form, the lights are turned down low and music ...