Madelyn Schorr


Do more than vote

Voting is one of the most essential part of our democratic process. By casting your vote in an election you get to lend your voice and show people what you want the outcome to be.

Less emojis, more policy

Two primaries into the Presidential race we are finally seeing candidates release policy plans and initiatives the promise the implement if they get elected in 2016.

Embrace the unknown

People always told me they loved the unknown, and I never understood them. I liked always knowing what was coming next and preparing to excel in any situation I was facing.

Choose empathy

Empathy is the most important emotion we have. Although it didn't get a character in Pixar's Inside Out, empathy is a worthy emotion that we should express more.

We need to re-imagine the rules

We live in a world shaped by systems. The systems are made up of rules that tell us everything from what side of the road we drive on and when to pay our taxes to even something as trivial as when Starbucks brings back their pumpkin spice latte.

We deserve more from presidential candidates

I fee like I can’t escape the 2016 election. Every time I log on Facebook, read the news, or even turn on the radio I see friends, pundits, and analysts weighing in on how much longer Donald Trump can stay in the race.