Madeline Anscombe


Men's comfort should not supercede female pleasure

I want [my future daughters] to understand that as women, they deserve not only to feel the absence of pain, but the presence of pleasure. the differences in our anatomy should not affect our autonomy

"Nice guys" can be part of the sexual harassment problem, too

I told the boy driving me home that I had been raped. He asked me who had done it and when I told him, he responded by saying that I must be mistaken, that the boy who’s name I gave was incapable of hurting someone. I was told that he was a nice guy. 

My God is not the God of Roy Moore

The God I follow is not the same God so often politicized and marketed by politicians such as Roy Moore. The God I believe in is not a scapegoat for truly abhorrent beliefs. 

Men need to get tested for STIs

Why were men not taking their sexual health as seriously as women? Furthermore, why were they putting their partners at risk of catching an STD?

The reason behind all 13

**DISCLAIMER: this contains spoilers for the television show 13 Reasons Why and talks about both suicide and sexual assault.

Diverse representation benefits all of us

When I was a senior in high school, my mom found the first season of Veronica Mars at the library and rented it. The early 2000’s cult classic stars Kristen Bell as Veronica, a high schooler who is trying to solve the murder of her best friend Lilly Kane.

The problem of backwards activists

As I grow further away from my high school years, I find myself forgetting many things: assemblies, people in my classes, and thankfully, what I looked like with braces. Yet, for having a hideously bad memory, I have found a particular lesson from high school growing more poignant in the scope of my ...