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We should learn to laugh at clowns again

If you step into my father’s closet, behind the button-down shirts and striped ties, you’ll find a ratty old suit with oversized shoes, a bowler hat covered with stickers and a daisy sticking out of the top, and a bag filled with balloons, magic tricks and makeup.

Can Filmed Performances Replace Live Theatre?

What is live theater?  I’ve heard it defined as “one man walking across a stage and another man watching him.”  This functional (albeit simplified) definition has served theatergoers for years unquestioned, but now the quandary has arisen: “Does the second man need to share the same ...

Theatre productions break down language barriers

Language barriers always make theatre difficult.  While many theatrical elements (such as dance and music) can transcend language, it’s hard to feel the full weight of a piece of theater when you don’t understand what the actors are saying.  That being said, part of what makes theatre ...

Broadway shows don't have to be spectacles to be successful

Is bigger really better?  In the world of Broadway, the tendency is to say yes.  Broadway stages are flooded with huge star studded casts and multi-million dollar productions, so it’s easy for the smaller shows to get swallowed up in all the madness; but they do exist.  While they may ...

Other genres contribute to Broadway

Andrew Lloyd Webber, Steven Sondheim, Marvin Hamlisch, Jason Robert Brown: names easily recognizable to members of the theater community as some of the most revered musical theater songwriters.

"Newsies" offers advice for seniors

As the final days of this school year approach, a bittersweet feeling begins to sweep over us all. While there will no doubt be a wave of relief once finals are behind us, some can’t help but sob for the seniors who are leaving the University to spread the houndstooth spirit wherever life may take ...

Two-handers bring challenges to stage

When people think of Broadway shows, they tend to imagine larger-than-life spectacles with enormous sets, huge orchestras and rows upon rows of chorus members. However, while this does describe many Broadway shows, there are certainly some theatrical triumphs that are just as impressive without all ...

Musicals present history in fun, different ways

It’s pretty well established that Broadway’s primary function is to entertain. However, many Broadway shows are reaching beyond that and finding ways to not only entertain audiences, but also to educate them as well. Broadway musicals have the fantastic ability to present history with a catchy tune ...

Actors avoid curses associated with superstitions

If you have a friend in the theater, then you’re probably guilty of it – you hear they’re performing tonight and, whether or not you’re able to attend, you want them to know you support them so you utter those two fateful words: good luck.