Luisa Sanchez


When fairness benefits the oppressor

As media practitioners, we are encouraged to be fair judges of society and seek justice above all. But what happens when there is a player that is clearly a threat to society and the greater good?

Student dance show to premiere Tuesday

The student-produced showcase Dance Alabama! will return to the stage from April 7-11, featuring a wide variety of genres from hip-hop to 
classical ballet. Students, both dance and non-dance majors, are in charge of all aspects of the show, from choreography, dancing, lights and production, with ...

Student focuses on societal aspect of fashion

For Kelly Martin, a senior majoring in Apparel and Textile Design, fashion is a transformative form of self expression that encourages others to think outside the box when it comes to clothing and personal style. Martin, 22, is a Tuscaloosa native that has often been described as “running” the ...

Chilean student enjoys American 'pride' for education

Valentina Araya Barrientos is a 21-year-old geology student at the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile who came to Alabama looking to improve her English skills and get to experience life in the United States while studying at UA’s English Language Institute for the Spring semester.

UATD launches "Dance Collection" showcase

On Friday, the Department of Theatre and Dance will be presenting a student dance showcase called “Dance Collection” where faculty members and students will collaborate with each other and present an ensemble of 14 different dances in various styles. “Dance Collection is a venue that was established ...

Gameday buttons get creative

The Creative Process team within Creative Campus at the University is featuring a new collection of artistic game day buttons for the Alabama vs. Mississippi State game Saturday. The buttons will have a taste of art and creativity not usually found on a regular game day at Bryant-Denny. ...

Apple Pay centralizes transactions

On October 20, Apple released its most recent feature, Apple Pay, a mobile payment and digital wallet service that will allow Apple users around the world to carry out retail payments if they own an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3. At the time of the launch, the new feature ...

Diwali Festival open to all students

The Diwali Festival is one of India’s most important holidays and is celebrated every fall in honor of the victory of light
over darkness.

Bruna Rossati trades Brazil for Bama

Bruna Rossati is a senior majoring in chemical engineering who came to Tuscaloosa from Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, as part of a cultural exchange program between The University of Alabama and other Brazilian universities. Next year, Rossati will transfer from the English Language Institute to The University ...