Luci Willis


Student artists featured in BFA Juried Exhibit

Behind the doors of the buildings encircling Woods Quad, student artists spend their days and nights creating pieces designed to stand out from the crowd and punctuate their time at the University.

Pink Box Burlesque returns to the Bama Theatre

Two women talked and laughed as they walked around a cluttered warehouse space with props, costumes and building supplies scattered across the floor and on top of a small stage tucked in the far corner.

Ahead of the pack: Tour de Tuscaloosa returns

The skies are clear and the air is buzzing as cyclists fly past anxious spectators for the last time, each competitor vying in the last moments for the coveted spot at the head of the pack of bicycles.

Finding love online: A look at dating apps

Left. Left. Left. Right. Whoa, definitely left. Thumbs swipe quickly back and forth across smart phones on buses, in meetings and in the back rows of lecture halls as students search for everything from casual meet-ups to serious relationships.

Local Q and A: UA student to start swim club

The University of Alabama is known for its world-class athletics, and in order to achieve this reputation, most sports mandate a level of intensity and time dedication that makes many students choose not to participate.