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Football unions will destroy college athletics

Since the recent National Labor Relations Board ruling that Northwestern University’s football players are technically employees of the university and thus can form a union, people are questioning the future of both the NCAA and the familiar term “student-athlete.” On the surface, the NLRB’s ...

Animal abandonment a problem in college

Every August when we come back to Tuscaloosa from our summer breaks, we are excited to see our friends that we have missed dearly, and we are excited to begin a new semester.

SGA Senate made wrong call on recent vote

It was just last September when President Judy Bonner said, regarding Greek system integration at The University of Alabama, “I am empowering our students to do the same thing that our students did 50 years ago [when some student leaders helped Vivian Malone and James Hood break the color barrier ...

What is suitable for a science class?

Yesterday’s debate between Ken Ham, creationist,  advocate and founder of the Creationist Museum, and Bill Nye the Science Guy posited the question, “Is creationism a viable model of origins in today’s scientific era?” This is a controversial question in these United States because of our vast ...