Kyle Simpson


Without basic respect, opinions are not valid

The current state of public discourse in this country is fractured at best, and if you judge things based on The Crimson White’s comment section, you may just think that things are at an all time low.

The image of an athlete

Sports are a huge part of life all around the world, and competing athletically is an extremely fulfilling and important endeavor for millions of people.

University services and policies plagued by inefficiencies

The University of Alabama administration likely spends a great deal of their time cultivating the public image of our school, as that image directly influences high school students who are deciding where to continue their education after graduating.

Support the candidates who advance legislation

The current iteration of our country’s lawmaking body, the 114th Congress, is being historically unproductive in the lawmaking department, rivaled only by the two previous Republican-controlled Congresses under President Obama since 2010.