Kyle Campbell


It is too late for a ground war in Syria

Our country may be going to war. Officials from the Department of Defense are drafting plans to put American ground troops on Syrian soil; if President Trump decides to execute those plans, Americans could be deployed to Syria as early as next month. With the current barrage of scandals surrounding ...

President Obama must pardon Don Siegelman

One of the most towering figures of the 20th century has passed away at age 90. Fidel Castro had surrendered power to his brother in 2008, but his reign as Cuba’s “maximum leader” was one of the longest of any ruler in any nation’s history, and at one point brought humanity the closest we have ...

Hillary Clinton was the Black candidate

In the wake of the seemingly infinite post-mortem analyses of the 2016 presidential election, false conventional wisdom has emerged that Hillary Clinton was ineffective at turning out minority voters. As I’m sure you have heard over and over again by now, Clinton likely received more votes than any ...

Repeal the 2nd Amendment

This was all preventable. We need to acknowledge that. If two officers have blood on their hands, ours are tinged a light red. If Micah Johnson deserved to explode, a piece of shrapnel was intended for every one of us. Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. Lorne Ahrens. Michael Smith. Michael Krol. Patrick ...

Obama's Black America

I was eight years old. I had just gotten home from a friend’s house on a hot July afternoon; he was a white friend, but I didn’t think of him that way – at least, I didn’t want to.

Vote blue no matter who

Liberals are responsible for Citizens United. Not the liberals on the Supreme Court – who authored a blistering dissent about the influence of money in politics and the absurdity of the “money is speech” argument – but liberals nonetheless.

Speak up, if you can

If you’re a part of the 39 percent of students who took 30 seconds out of their day to vote in SGA elections on March 1, you probably got tired of having to turn away countless candidates and volunteers passing out campaign literature by telling them you already voted.