Kyarra Harris


High Cuisine in T-Town: Cypress Inn and River

Though Tuscaloosa is a city filled with bars and fast food restaurants, the fine dining scene is scarce, with only a few restaurants such as Cypress Inn and River filling the role.

Love, sext, magic: The good and bad views of sexting

It's a new trend among young people that's caused a panic in many a parent and moralist. Teenagers, college students and young adults are using smart phone technology to send each other suggestive messages or pictures.

Q&A: An asexual student speaks about her experiences

As our campus, and the nation, continue to make strides in gender and sexuality equality, there is still a lot to work on. Many people are unaware of people who identify with asexuality, the lack of sexual attraction to any gender.

Military veteran joins sorority

When Rachel Thornton graduated high school in Eugene, Oregon she had no idea of what she wanted to do next. Nearly 10 years later, she has served in the Air Force, has become the first veteran to rush in a sorority at Alabama and the first female president of the Campus Veterans Association.