Katie Huff


Review: Hinds brings new focus to women in rock

Hinds, the all-female, four-piece garage rock band from Spain with emblazoned personalities and a feisty spirit, exemplified a new era for rock as a genre as they took the stage on Saturday at Birmingham’s Saturn.

Fusion jam band Flow Tribe to play Green Bar tonight

Flow Tribe will play Green Bar following the release of “Boss,” the six-member band’s most recent album, released in April 2017. “Boss” is a 10-track album that demonstrates the band’s ability to weave through a variety of genres while making wholeheartedly enjoyable music that induces dancing.  ...

Music Column: Four new singles you need to hear ASAP

In a seemingly mundane world of time zones and the circumstantial references that place us in said realm of time, there is a gleaming light of pleasure for those not looped into Eastern Standard Time. As a current participant of Central Standard Time due to residence in the state of Alabama, I am able ...