Katharine Buckley


Taco Bell meets morning munchies

I’d do anything for the Tide. I’d pay an exuberant amount of money for a ticket to a losing game and a consolation scarf.

Comfort foods don't have limits

Thanksgiving is the easily the best holiday for eating. Food is abundant and familiar as every family sticks to their special, classic dishes. It’s not Thanksgiving unless there are deviled eggs, a baked ham, and enchiladas. My mom started cooking enchiladas at Thanksgiving out of desperation, just ...

Spice up meals with a hot sauce for every occasion

They say the first step to curing addiction is admitting you have a problem, so here it is: I have a whole shelf in my cabinet lined with bottles, and get anxious eating meals without knowing if there is access to hot sauce.

New Orleans offers options

As the Crimson Tide travels to Louisiana to play LSU this weekend, many students and fans will follow. Some of you may stay in or stop by New Orleans since it is only an hour and a half away from Baton Rouge. If you're stopping by the Crescent City, or if you make a trip down to escape the cold weather ...

Sandwiches improved by creative condiments, fresher ingredients

Despite, or possibly because of, its staple status, sandwiches are often overlooked as a culinary gem, which is understandable when the most common sandwich form consists of cold cuts and lackluster vegetables smashed between two pieces of white bread. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time ...

Tuscaloosa gamedays improved by tailgate food

Gamedays in Tuscaloosa are an experience unlike any other. Streets close down, people start drinking ridiculously early and once you get past the smell of spilled beer, mouth-watering scents fill the air. 

Past nice dessert trends soon to be replaced by gourmet donuts

For many, the perfect way to end a good meal is with a little something sugary to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dessert staples like ice cream, cake and cookies are found in every grocery store in the country, but every once in a while less conventional desserts can rise to popularity with just a little ...

New Ferg food court brings long lines, fewer options

It’s midweek and there are only 20 minutes to grab lunch between classes. For many students, the tough reality of the situation is that there is simply not enough time to eat on campus given this time constraint. In past years, students were able to go straight from classes to the Ferg and grab something ...

Grits provide good, southern alternative to Ramen

When many out-of-state students come to Alabama, they encounter their first dose of southern food, and it’s a beautiful thing. Despite being born in New Orleans, a food capital of the world, and growing up in Birmingham during its culinary renaissance, I resisted all southern food until I was a teenager. ...