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Wilco's Star Wars full of surprises

“A miracle only ever grows wild,” Jeff Tweedy half-mumbles on “Random Name Generator,” one of 11 tracks from Wilco’s new album “Star Wars.” Miracle or no, “Star Wars,” available as a free download on the band’s website, is certainly wild, and at times it feels like it’s still growing. ...

Banditos release self-titled album

Banditos’ self-titled debut is a rowdy, rollicking good time, a totally uninhibited collision course of Appalachian twang, rock ‘n’ roll swagger, blues throb, punk snarl and youthful inertia.

New album examines wrestling

“Beat the Champ” is ostensibly an album about professional wrestling. But in crafting 45 minutes worth of songs about the spandex-clad world of big biceps and bigger egos, bandleader and lyricist John Darnielle has delivered a treatise that transcends the ring: Ultimately, the Mountain Goats’ ...

Courtney Barnett's album provides distinct sound with dry delivery

Courtney Barnett’s trademark stream-of-consciousness delivery is less the smiling UPS representative ringing the doorbell and conveying a package directly into your hands, more the disgruntled teenager slinging handfuls of newspapers in the general direction of your porch as she squeals through her ...

Earle's 'Terraplane' places emphasis on Texas-inspired blues music

Texas blues has always run a little contrary in tone to its counterparts in the southeast. The line is by no means a hard and fast one, but generally speaking, the old Mississippi howlers have cultivated a reputation for conveying the anguish, disappointment and frustration of generations of impoverished ...

Jeff Bridges releases new album

As it turns out, The Dude also reclines. Jeff Bridges’ new album, “Sleeping Tapes,” was designed with the sole intention of soothing you to sleep.

Sleater-Kinney keeps breaking rules with album 'No Cities to Love'

“We win, we lose. Only together do we break the rules.” From the moment they groped and clawed their way to the top of the Pacific Northwest’s riot grrrl scene in the mid-1990s, those words – the chorus of “Surface Envy” from Sleater-Kinney’s new album “No Cities to Love” – have ...