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Think before you post to the Internet

As a columnist, I must be a glutton for punishment; otherwise, I would have learned long ago to stop reading the comments posted online in response to columns.

Protect speech regardless of political views

Although I’ve thrown my fair share of rocks at the tactics of certain groups on campus, I do not hide my hand, nor do I present my commentary as value neutral and objective.

Privileged need to realize backgrounds of others

When I ask friends about campus issues, I immediately am told that people have grown tired of the incessant debate concerning segregation and the government shutdown, and I tend to agree with them.

Students must maintain voice for progress

I generally delude myself with the false belief that humans are capable of self-reflection and can extend that reflection into a greater understanding of our place in the world.

Reflecting on disappointments sparked by fear

This summer has been a long train of disappointments and abuses, which, if by design, could not have been more effective at promoting fear, dissonance and hatred in the American public.