John Hinshaw


Photography exhibit opens window into the past

The Paul R. Jones Gallery of Art is providing audiences with a window into the South’s past through the photography of two Alabama natives, William J. Anderson and Prentice H. Polk.

Children's literature showcased in library

Before J.K. Rowling dreamed up “Harry Potter” and Suzanne Collins wrote “The Hunger Games,” the imaginative worlds of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Pinnochio” were paving the way for children and young-adult literature.

Bama to host southern rock night

Five Alabama-based musical acts will come together for one night of rock and roll during the Southern Rock & Roll Blues Show at the Bama Theatre.

Little Raine Band comes to Tuscaloosa area bar

For unsigned bands, it can sometimes be difficult to attract a large crowd when playing live shows. As a solution, Little Raine Band devised an unconventional plan to fill up the dance floor for their first Tuscaloosa show.