Jessa Reid Bolling


Community gathers for human trafficking forum

Nearly three months after Tuscaloosa Police conducted an investigation that led to 33 arrests in a prostitution bust, Tuscaloosa Police held a forum on human trafficking at Central High School Thursday night to educate Tuscaloosa residents on how victims can become trapped within the trafficking industry.  ...

LGBTQ Alabamians struggle to adopt children

In May, Governor Kay Ivey signed House Bill 24, the Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act into law, allowing faith-based adoption agencies to reject prospective parents on religious grounds. This invited nationwide backlash against the state, with critics calling this bill discriminatory against same-sex ...

Santorum discusses religious freedom with students

Rick Santorum addressed a packed lecture hall on Monday night, speaking about the need to protect religious freedom and related speech. The former senator and presidential candidate said the event was the most civil of all the meetings he's held on campuses. 

Rick Santorum to discuss religious freedom with students

Rick Santorum will deliver a speech about religious freedom within the United States in the current state of politics. Following the speech, entitled “God Is A Microaggression: An Evening With Rick Santorum," there will be a question and answer session. 

Speaker discusses North Korea, threat of nuclear war

“From a North Korean standpoint, nukes do a number of things,” Bandow said. “They give you status and ensure that whatever Kim Jong-un does is shown on the front page of newspapers. What better affirmation could you have that you matter as a country?”