Jake Howell


PREVIEW: ALLELE Neurology and Evolution Lecture

Cognition, one of the great mysteries of life, is a debate-riddled topic. Many scientists cannot decide whether it belongs to the discipline of psychology, philosophy, biology, or still other fields, or even a combination of these endeavors.

Higher education increasingly funded by debt

In 1929, the stock market crashed. In 2008, mortgage-backed securities sent shock-waves through the country. According to numerous experts, a student loan crisis could be the next big hit to the U.S. Economy.

Executive Order protest continues at UA

Echoing the spirit of last week’s protests, members of the Tuscaloosa and University of Alabama communities gathered again at the steps of Denny Chimes, a week after the initial protests responding to President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

PREVIEW: UA Hosts McCollough Medical Scholars Forum

Every year, alumni of The University of Alabama give back to the school in numerous ways. Two such alumni, who have devoted their lives to helping others, have chosen to give back directly to the students through the McCollough Medical Scholars Forum.

UA Facility aids pre-K-12 special needs students

Hidden in the boughs off of Veterans’ Memorial Parkway, the Brewer Porch Children’s Center rests on an unassuming 60-acre plot of land. Within its walls, children from all over the state live and learn, working with professionals to overcome behavioral and learning dysfunction.

Tutwiler residents evacuated for fire

Students of Tutwiler Residence Hall have been evacuated from the dorm due to a fire that started in the laundry room, according to a residential source.

Executive Order protest held on UA campus

As Denny Chimes rang noon into life today, marchers circled around The University of Alabama Quad to proclaim their contempt of President Donald Trump’s executive action.

PREVIEW: College Textbook Reading Workshop

At the college level of curriculum, the task of reading text after text of new information can appear somewhat daunting, especially when every class requires its own book, sometimes even multiple books. The Center for Academic Success wants to help.