Jackson Poe


Proportionality rule for sports needs to be reassessed

Title IX is the law that gives women equal access to all publicly-supported education programs. The law was much needed in the early 70s and since Title IX was signed into law in 1972, the number of women enrolled in college has grown tremendously and long surpassed that of men. In this regard, Title ...

More information, not just free school, will grow college attendance

Obama’s plan for a free community college education to all qualifying high school graduates sounds great. A high school education is not enough to progress in the workforce anymore. A two-year degree can launch a career rather than a job. Making community college free would strengthen the American ...

Recent changes question identity of the Strip

The University and city of Tuscaloosa as a whole have undergone rapid changes in the past decade. Enrollment has increased from 20,000 in 2000 to over 36,000 as of fall 2014. Expansion can be seen everywhere. 

New playoff format improves postseason, does not address all issues

The way NCAA D1 FBS handles its post-season in the current bowl game format does not make any sense. For a sport that draws so much attention and resources in this country, it is silly to think that it still uses a system that is such a serious misallocation of resources and overall inefficient ...

'Saban Effect' contributes to university growth

Many people are familiar with the “Flutie Effect:” the phenomenon of having a successful college sports team, specifically a football or basketball team, leading to increased exposure for the university and in turn higher revenues, enrollment and overall growth. The phenomenon is named after ...

Truthful assault reporting crucial

With the recent sexual and domestic assault cases in the news, as well as on the UA campus, it is important to examine this issue closer. When an assault is committed, someone should be held accountable, even if the report is false.