Hunter Richey


UA should promote personal financial literacy seminars

Higher education is an investment. Whether it be tuition dollars paid or simply the opportunity cost of delaying the start of a career, attending college involves costs that students anticipate will lead to returns upon graduation, such as higher salaries, more desired occupations or a general attainment ...

Railroad crossings are due for an upgrade

As the University of Alabama campus continues to expand outward, numerous student housing developments have been constructed outside of what has traditionally been considered to be walkable to class.

Personalize your UA experience

Last week, The University of Alabama announced that this year’s freshman class was not only the largest in the school’s 185-year history, but also the most academically talented, with more than 40 percent of incoming students scoring 30 or higher on the ACT.

UA season opener should be home football series

With the football season underway, students and fans alike will soon be entering Bryant-Denny Stadium on an almost weekly basis to watch the Crimson Tide take on their slated opponent. Time honored traditions will ensue, and alumni will return to the campus they love.  I grew up an Alabama fan, ...

A lottery is not the answer to Alabama's budget gap

This week in Montgomery, state lawmakers are in special session to discuss a proposed lottery bill that would allow for a statewide constitutional vote on a lottery in Alabama. While such a deal might otherwise be appealing to many longtime proponents of the lottery, the current proposal is flawed in ...

Alabama state parks are a valuable asset

More than just a slogan plastered on state highway signs, the phrase “Alabama the Beautiful” embodies a past and present State of Alabama that takes great pride in sharing its natural gifts with those who come to visit.