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Bama Scare Cam contest accepting submissions

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month nears its end, students are urged to try and increase their knowledge and awareness of the disease. One event that strives to raise breast cancer awareness is the two-part Bama Scare Cam.

UA Be the Match competes with Texas A&M

One out of 540 people is a match for bone marrow donation. If a person develops a form of bone cancer or other bone disease, he or she must rely heavily on the Be The Match Registry.

UA starts exchange program

This year marks the beginning of the International German Student Exchange Program between The University of Alabama and the University of Applied Sciences at Hochschule Esslingen.

Red Zone period high risk

One in five women will be sexually assaulted according to the White House report, “Not Alone." The report claims most of the women assaulted will be freshmen or sophomores in college.The first few months of the fall semester, from August to November, is referred to as the “Red Zone,” a period ...

SUPe Store convenient for a cost

University of Alabama apparel at the SUPe Store on campus is often priced higher than apparel sold at other stores in Tuscaloosa, such as Walmart or Target.  Mandy Johnson, associate director of general merchandising for the University Supply Store, said this is due to the brands the store carries. ...

Course fees vary by college

Many new college students are surprised to discover that college is even more expensive than they ever could have imagined.

Grisham wins Harper Lee prize

In Harper Lee's famous work "To Kill a Mockingbird," the main character, Atticus Finch, showed millions of readers how lawyers can make a difference and effect positive change. Today, the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction recognizes stories told that illuminate these ideals.

Resonance show chair expands

The University of Alabama Resonance, much like the TV show “Glee,”
is a show choir filled with students 
who are passionate about music.Founded in 2008 by UA alumnus Michael Zauchin, Resonance offers a chance for members to express themselves creatively and make new friends. The group works ...

Mallet relocated following Palmer demolition

As students return to the University this fall, they might notice the demolition of Palmer Hall on 2nd St. Palmer Hall was home to the Mallet Assembly, an honors society that encourages its members to be become independent, opinionated, strong leaders.