Hank Wolverton

The end is near

The end is near. No, I’m not saying that because we have a crazy person that might start World War III.

Are we human or are we dancer

I understand the reason why we got rid of some of the most famous, looking at you Dixieland Delight, songs that used to play that the stadium.

Love thy fridge and thy neighbor

A person can really take technology for granted until they lose access to said technology. Take a fridge for instance. No one ever thinks about their fridge until one day it randomly just decides to crap out on you and destroy your hopes and dreams of eating a healthy and well balanced diet.

What happens when we can't function without technology?

When I was a young boy, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, I’m not entirely sure fire even existed. The leader of the cave tribe that I was born into had just created the first wheel and became soon after the first obnoxious soul who thought riding a unicycle made him cool.

Make the most of your education

College is a gift. It’s a privilege. Some could say it’s a right, and I think that’s a fair enough point as well. You should always have the option for it, but it should be an earned right, not something that you’re just inherently guaranteed.

Greetings from Grandpa

Coming back as a college student in your mid-twenties is a completely different beast. There’s an innate desire to fit in, as that is what humans tend to do, combined with irrational mental superiority you feel from being an elder.