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Summer work key to successful career

Ah, summer. What comes to mind when you hear that term? The first things I think of are beaches, no school, sleeping all day and staying up all night.

An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty

When I first sat down to write this article, a thousand different ideas ran through my head. This was my final opportunity to voice my opinion on a plethora of things that I have seen as major issues or stories.

Stop painting by the number

Mom, I have a weird confession to make. I enjoyed being sick as a child. It wasn’t the physical pain or emotional exhaustion that I found pleasurable.

Empathy the most important trait

As a child, history was easily my least favorite subject in school. Anything before my Nickelodeon/Britney Spears-filled world was irrelevant and therefore boring, in my selfish opinion.

Alabama is not just OK

Since the fifth grade, I had attended a small private school in Birmingham that cultivated and groomed students to go off to the Ivy Leagues.

Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama has been my home my whole life. I lived in Gadsden until I was 18 years old, and then I moved to Tuscaloosa. For 22 years, I have walked on this ground and eaten this food and loved these people.

It's more than just grades

Imagine an 8-year-old boy. Imagine that he was recently pulled away from his home and moved 8,500 miles away to a new home in the United States.

What if the Machine can't learn?

The past year has provided an extraordinary opportunity for The University of Alabama community to learn some valuable lessons – or so I thought. It began with the school board elections.