Eric Roddy


Parking: an ever-escalating nightmare

Every year I come to campus and hope for the same thing: an easier time parking. The University of Alabama has been one of the most quickly growing campuses in the nation in terms of student population, yet our parking situation fails to reflect this.

Don’t be skeptical of vaccines

Here’s a riddle. What’s clear, completely free at most places that offer it, and is still important to have enough of even though the hotter months are winding down? You got it – vaccinations.

Sloss Fest restores Magic City vibe

Quietly looming over the outskirts of Birmingham rests Sloss Furnace. An artifact from the 1800’s that was once known for its production of award winning steel is now retired.

Bentley made right move to remove the flag

It seems rare, sometimes, for two great things to happen to the state of Alabama in the same week, let alone the same day, but on June 24th, we found out that Google planned to pour $600 million into the state in order to turn one of Alabama’s old coal burning factories into a gold (data) factory. ...

Bell will promote research, balance

Normally, taking anything from LSU other than a win leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. However, with the hiring of Dr. Stuart Bell this month, I believe that we as students at Alabama have something worth celebrating on more than just a week-to-week basis.

Arguments against Patriot Act reforms 'weak,' unfounded

To even the most steadfast opposition, reform seems to be coming for the Patriot Act, and it seems likely that the large scale collection of data will be reformed to target legitimate persons of interest. So rest easy, folks.