Emma Royal


Students should find balance to avoid finals burnout

We cannot expect our bodies to operate optimally on fumes. We also cannot expect our bodies to pull out miracles without putting in the work. The line is thin and stark, and very few people are capable of striking a perfect balance.

Consumers should be careful with personal data

Profiting off data mining is easier than ever before, and because we spend so much of our time online, it is up to us to make sure that we are releasing our personal data in a smart, safe manner, and that we are making it very clear that it is unacceptable to utilize our data beyond a reasonable extent. ...

Young Americans must honor Parkland victims with active citizenship

If you want to help Parkland, Florida, you will honor them with your votes. Write to your congressmen and women and let them know that if they accept donations from the NRA, your vote is as good as gone. Call them. Participate in protest. Make them hear you if you have to. 

Idealism cannot be limited to Olympic season

Yes, there are truly despicable and corrupt goings-on in executive offices all around the world. We must not allow those deeds to muddle our opinions of the wider populations of these countries. The Olympic games serve as a biannual olive branch, if only for a few weeks. 

Students should not abuse the Emotional Support Animal system

Though it is noble to want to save an animal from life in a shelter and possible euthanasia, it is irresponsible for students to continue to assume that pets are not a full-time job. It is especially irresponsible to register an untrained animal as an emotional support animal in order to circumvent ...

Alabama voters should support Walt Maddox

Though Roy Moore would not directly answer to a governor, we can neutralize internal issues with a Democratic leader. Our best hope in helping to correct a conservative dominance in our state is electing Walt Maddox.