Emma Royal


Students should not abuse the Emotional Support Animal system

Though it is noble to want to save an animal from life in a shelter and possible euthanasia, it is irresponsible for students to continue to assume that pets are not a full-time job. It is especially irresponsible to register an untrained animal as an emotional support animal in order to circumvent ...

Alabama voters should support Walt Maddox

Though Roy Moore would not directly answer to a governor, we can neutralize internal issues with a Democratic leader. Our best hope in helping to correct a conservative dominance in our state is electing Walt Maddox.

UA needs to reduce waste, ban styrofoam

It can be daunting for college students to feel as if they can make an impact, but there are important steps we can take as a student body and as a university to improve our planet.

We are all responsible for improving mental health

Recently, “mental health” has become quite the buzzword in both medicine and society. Anti-bullying and suicide prevention media are on the rise, most notably the critically acclaimed 2012 film Bully and Netflix’s debut 2017 adaptation, 13 Reasons Why.