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Take a trip across the state line to Columbus, Mississippi

Somedays, you just need to get away. For an escape that’s just far enough to clear your mind but close enough to be home for dinner, look no further than Columbus, Mississippi – a charming old-southern town just across the state line.  To Do:  Tennessee Williams Birthplace and Welcome ...

Feminist Caucus sponsors festival

The UA Feminist Caucus is sponsoring a Progressive Festival to connect liberal students with campus organizations that promote progressive ideals.

Lost in the food desert

At 9 p.m. in Alberta City, the Piggly Wiggly grocery store closes for the evening. The next closest store is Winn-Dixie, almost two miles down the road. For residents with a car, the commute is no problem, and fresh food is easy to access. But without a car, it is more than a 30-minute walk down University ...

Professors have freedom to construct their own courses

Students creating their own major is relatively common, but there is a growing trend of teachers creating their 
own classes.Anil Mujumdar, a practicing lawyer in Birmingham and adjunct professor in the American studies department, created a class about the year 1964, which explores civil rights, ...