Ellen Johnson


Six years later, UA professors remember 2011 tornados

About three blocks behind Tuscaloosa's Central High School, right off Hargrove Road, is a neighborhood that Lydia Avant has called home for 11 years now. There's a park across the street from her house where her children like to play in the evenings.

Five newsletters (besides the Skimm) you should be getting in your inbox

With all the “fake news” and “alternative facts” swirling around out there on the ever-mind-boggling Internet, it can be a tricky game trying to sort through it all. It’s always good to follow your favorite reliable news sources on social media for when you want quick updates, but you might ...

Dawes takes Iron City tonight

The phrase "Roll Tide" can be heard anywhere in Alabama at almost any time, and has been used as an exclamation, greeting and remark, just to name a few. But thanks to the band Dawes, it's also found its way into alternative rock as a slap-in-the-face to an ex-love's new man. The track "Roll Tide" is ...

Dance Alabama! feeds student dancers' passions

Dance has always been at the center of Natalie Brown’s life. She came to college and decided to major in telecommunication and film, but thanks to Dance Alabama, she still had an outlet to dance.