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Preachers speak at Ferg Plaza

When John McGlone first walked onto the Ferguson Center Plaza on Wednesday morning with his “The King is Coming” hat, his “TRUST JESUS, HE HATES SIN, HEBREWS 1:9” sign and his fellow preacher, fewer than 10 people stayed around to listen.

Biographies an easy bridge to nonfiction

I’ve always been hesitant to branch over into the world of nonfiction literature. I considered it the last remainder of my youth – if young adult and teen fiction no longer interested me, then obviously I was old and washed up, right?

Zombies take over Quad

Zombies took over the Quad Saturday as Theta Tau, the University’s engineering fraternity, hosted the “Zombie Fun Run,” an obstacle course that faces off zombies against human survivors. The course consists of different checkpoints set up around the perimeter of the Quad.

UA community members march against segregation

]]>Update with quotes from UA President Judy Bonner Faculty, alumni and students both greek and non-greek alike joined hands Wednesday in a march against segregation within the University community.

Sororities reopen bidding process

The presidents and delegates of the Alabama Panhellenic Association announced Monday that each sorority would be allotted an amended 360 members, which permitted the sororities to reopen the bidding process.

Soapmaker partners with area businesses

The Left Hand Soap Company began as a crafting venture for Christmas gifts but quickly gained momentum as creator “Soapy” Jones took her wares to the Tuscaloosa arts community. “An old college friend of mine and I got together and made soap for everyone for Christmas one year when we were broke,” ...