Danielle Waddell


Recognizing daily achievements

Fall break has given me some much needed time to clear my mind and reevaluate my life, my goals and my recent efforts. It was a conversation with two of my friends as we sat around a fire in a quaint Ohio neighborhood that made me realize what I've been missing.

Voting with knowledge

Upon reading Kyle Simpson’s latest column, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with a small truth he stated early in the column. Many students, as well as adults, are totally disinterested in politics and getting involved in electing the officials who run our state and country.

Rave Guardian app should be more widely promoted on campus

This week The University of Alabama at Birmingham partnered with Rave Guardian app to help keep their students, faculty, staff and visitors safe while on and around campus. I was disappointed when I heard the news because I had never heard of such on The University of Alabama's campus.

Staying selfless while serving others

The most common thing I hear concerning college is that this is the best time of my life, the point during which I will make my own choices that will shape how I will live the rest of my life.