CW Editorial Board


OUR VIEW: Millennials deserve respect

According to older pundits on the right and the left, and probably your uncle, millennials are lazy, entitled, economically irresponsible, godless individuals who are too busy looking at their phones to form real connections with the people around them. 

Our View: DeVos' Title IX rollback hurts victims

With Betsy Devos’ announcement last week of the Department of Education’s rollback of Title IX protections for victims of sexual assault on campus, she shamefully politicized sexual assault and affirmed that our current administration does not stand with victims.

OUR VIEW: UA should protect DACA recipients

If students are threatened with deportation, the University should follow the lead of several states and sue Trump over the decision to end DACA. Though officials from the University project that the number of affected students will be “in the single digits,” even one Alabama student negatively ...

OUR VIEW: The University should have commencement speakers

The University of Alabama has once again outdone Harvard. With four Goldwater Scholars selected this year, we have maintained our dominance in the prestigious scholarship program for students in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering.

OUR VIEW: Diversity is essential

As the SGA nears the end of its “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Week,” the University is in its final stages of hiring a Chief Diversity Officer, a long overdue step that brings our University in line with the rest of the SEC.

Our View: Nothing has changed

Jared Hunter could be a good SGA president. We have had good Machine-backed SGA presidents before. His decision to run openly as a backed candidate is an admirable one, as is the Machine’s decision to choose a candidate outside of their typical good-ole-boy network.

OUR VIEW: Re-elect Lillian Roth for SGA president

We did not endorse Lillian Roth for SGA President last year. We were concerned with her lack of experience; her answer to the Machine question was even worse than normal for a backed candidate. Still, a lot can change in a year, and while this editorial board is not completely satisfied with her administration’s ...