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OUR VIEW: Gun laws must change in wake of school shooting

Schools have long been, and should continue to be, some of the most trusted and valued places in America. They should be places of growth and friendship for young people, where the most pressing issues on their minds are algebraic equations and historical figures.

OUR VIEW: Barber indicative of larger problem

Racism is alive and well at UA... While Barber, for whatever reason, felt emboldened to put these views on social media, do not doubt that many others who feel similarly to her exist, holding these views in a quieter, yet equally damaging manner. 

OUR VIEW: UA should have a free speech zone

 Open and public discourse is an integral part of ensuring we remain a united student body despite our political differences. Having a space for this explicit purpose would be a message from our administration that they value both the voices of students and healthy political discourse.

Our View: Net Neutrality must be protected

Our contemporary society revolves around the internet, and if we truly believe that everyone deserves equal access to it and the information within, then we must believe in net neutrality.

Vote for Doug Jones

As Alabamians and Americans, it is important that we cast our vote for the rule of law and not the rule of a man’s religious whims, and that we keep our state and country on a path forward and not one beating ceaselessly into the past.

OUR VIEW: Your vote matters in today's UA election

Imagine the results that are possible if we increased voter turnout by even 20%. The supremacy of elite groups on campus could definitely be challenged if we all decided to take five minutes to log onto myBama and click a few boxes.