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Learning coding worth the effort

The explosive growth of computer technology should correspond with an equally explosive growth of computer programming skills. Coding literacy has, however, managed to evade the general public. This enormous knowledge gap translates into equally enormous opportunity for the few who do know how to innovate ...

Welfare cannot end cycle of poverty in US

For decades, America has been content to manage the effects of poverty-driven destruction. Year after year, the government puts food in hungry mouths and builds roofs over shivering bodies. But no amount of government spending can waken the energy that lies dormant in the crushed spirit of the forgotten ...

Take a little time to thank university staff

This column breaks every rule in the book, but to adequately accomplish the purpose of this column, I find it impossible to avoid speaking directly to you, the student reader, in the first person. At risk of engendering the wrath of the editors at The Crimson White, I submit this challenge to everyone ...

U.S. must promise retribution for those who attack Americans overseas

Students have unparalleled opportunities to see the world, but those opportunities might be limited in the future as America’s influence in the world continues to decline. Some corners of the world will always be more dangerous than others, but few destinations are safe when the U.S. is incapable ...

University's reputation is students' responsibility

When I read President Judy Bonner’s email condemning the viral Snapchat photo that cast a dark cloud over this year’s historic sorority recruitment, I could only bring a palm to my face and shake my head. Before the school year could begin, The University of Alabama was already scrambling to distance ...

Obama should drop current minimum wage

In recent months, President Obama has campaigned to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. Given the dismal employment landscape, though, it’s unlikely that the new minimum wage would deliver the benefits he touts.

It's time we rethink environmentalism, recycling

Paper comes from trees, trees come from forests and forests eat carbon dioxide. It is with this logic that environmental crusaders wage war on the pulpwood industry and recycling evangelists preach the good news of post-consumer paper.

US should free Europe, provide non-Kremlin gas

The crisis in Eastern Europe demands the unequivocal resolve of the West, but Europe can hardly afford to use harsh words, much less actions, to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine.