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Unconventional classes promote creativity

Unconventional classes may seem like a way for students to lighten a class load or take a break from heavy major-related courses, but these courses have the potential to add to students? personal and professional lives, leaving them with more than just new-found basket-weaving skills. Julia Trippe, ...

UA gamers find community in student group, outlets

Tuscaloosa is abuzz with growing interest and competitive play within one of Alabama?s newest gaming communities as the video gaming center, Hive Bang Gaming, opens its doors to the community and a University of Alabama gaming club, ABXY, continues its active presence on campus. Hive Bang owner John ...

Burlesque troupe makes local impact

Vaudeville and burlesque sound like entertainment from a bygone era, but the spirit of these variety acts is kept alive by Tuscaloosa’s own troupe, Pink Box Burlesque. “We really enjoy the Vaudeville theatre from the early 1800s so we try and replicate that,” Pink Box Burlesque founder Mama Dixie ...

Video apps vie for users

When the video-sharing app Vine was released in January, the app had the edge on mobile video sharing with its simple interface though its videos were limited to six seconds.

Fanmade content keeps 'Ghostbusters' alive

It has never been a better time to be a hardcore movie, TV or book fan with conventions like Comic-Con and Dragon*Con increasing in popularity each year and the Internet giving fans a way to share their own art, stories and other creations based on their favorite series.

Homegrown begins season focusing on Sustainability Day

Homegrown Alabama will kick off its season with a demonstration of how to clean in an eco-friendly way and a “stuff swap.” The student-led group that hosts a weekly local farmers market is hosting the event in conjunction with the University’s Sustainability Day Thursday from 3 to 6 p.m.

Podcast starts conversation about local arts

UA graduate Bob Baker and senior Tyler Marshall began their podcast, Trivial Pursuits, as a way to have fun with their friends, but as the podcast has evolved into what Baker describes as ?a more legitimate broadcast,? it has become a way to give a voice to artists and interesting people in the community ...