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Study spots for UA students to consider

With finals week coming up, now is the time to find that perfect study spot. Here are just a few options on places to get your last-minute cramming done.

Breakout Tuscaloosa features puzzle rooms

The owners of Breakout Tuscaloosa, a new local business, invited several friends and community leaders to visit their facility Sunday afternoon. Participants were locked in one of three rooms and had to solve a series of 
puzzles to break out. The space is located at 2310 14th Street behind the Jemison ...

Musical to premiere at Gallaway

Due to the amount of work a musical requires, the UA theater department only produces one per year. In past years, these shows have included “Show Boat” and “Urinetown.” This year, UATD will present "42nd Street." “It's been a long and difficult road but extremely rewarding,” said Stacy ...

Gallaway was friend to Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams was born 60 miles west of Tuscaloosa in Columbus, Mississippi. His mother almost married a man in Demopolis, sixty miles south of Tuscaloosa. His good friend from graduate school, Marian Gallaway, was the first director of theatre at The University of Alabama.

Broadway show to play at UA

A 59-year-old actress comes home from the big city to visit her brother and sister. She brings along her much younger boyfriend and the neighbor’s pretty niece wants to learn from the actress. The housemaid spits out prophecy which everyone ignores, all cloaked in references to Anton Chekhov’s plays ...

Rediscover Girl Scout cookies with new recipes

Whether your late nights in Gorgas are filled with raw veggies and granola or Panda Express, it is time to honor everyone’s favorite time of year: Girl Scout cookie season. If devouring Thin Mints by the sleeve isn’t your favorite way to celebrate this time of year (or even if it is), here are a ...