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Study finds college-aged people most stressed

Young adults in America today report being more stressed out than any other age group, according to a recent study. According to the American Psychological Association, on a scale of 1-10 where one means “little or no stress” and 10 means “a great deal of stress,” people ages 18-33 are reporting ...

Young cast of 'Parks and Recreation' more popular than ever

If you happened to be one of the 6.8 million people who watched the “Parks and Recreation” pilot episode on April 9, 2009, you would have seen a hodge-podge cast of B, C and D list actors and actresses in their first show on prime time television.

'Portlandia' takes cheap shots at the bizarre, stereotypical life in Portland

After building a following of loyal hipsters through the Independent Film Channel and Netflix, “Portlandia”’s third season is fully underway and is as mockingly beautiful as ever. Starring Fred Armisen, a “Saturday Night Live” cast member, and Carrie Brownstein, lead singer and guitarist ...

UA archaeologists surveying future hotel site

A team from the Office of Archaeological Research for The University of Alabama Museums is conducting an archaeological survey of the future site of the Embassy Suites hotel in downtown Tuscaloosa, which was formerly the home of a Civil War prisoner of war camp, among other things. The Embassy Suites, ...

HBO show creator becoming the voice of a generation

Turn on some Santigold and prepare to have your mind blown by, you guessed it, reality because “Girls” is back in town. Created and produced by Lena Dunham, the second season of HBO’s “Girls” premiered last Sunday, and wasted no time in reviving the job hunts, romances and friendship of the ...

UA reaches out to student veterans

As some U.S. veterans struggle with the logistics of paying for school with the GI Bill, The University of Alabama is offers a safe haven by guaranteeing to cover the tuition costs of in- and out-of-state veterans. According to the Chapter 33 9/11 GI Bill, the U.S.