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Embrace greatness, not comfort

I graduated from high school a staunch abortion supporter, unaware of how radically my life would change thanks to a simple willingness to consider new ideas and information. Confronted with the reality of the science of embryology and what it reveals about the child in the womb – that she is fully ...

How the University arbitrarily silenced free speech for students

Last week, The University of Alabama recently displayed a chilling willingness to completely disregard students’ rights to free speech just because some UA students found Bama Students for Life’s display about abortion in the Ferguson Center “offensive.” Earlier this month, I filmed a university ...

Our campus needs La Lola Loca Bama back

I miss Lola. Lola, formally known as La Lola Loca Bama, was the colorful food truck who graced campus with mobile Latin cuisine last year. Lola sold tasty food for reasonable prices.

Obamacare's victims illustrate its critical failures

The name Hunter Alford might not mean anything to you, but it should. Hunter is a young child in Texas who was born with a rare type of cancer and lost his health insurance when Obamacare went into effect. The name Whitney Johnson might not mean anything to you, but it should.

Same-sex unions not equal

The left has done a phenomenal job framing the marriage debate as one about “marriage equality.” This is an appealing slogan, but it implies that same-sex unions are the same as those between a man and a woman. By their very nature, they aren’t. Marriage brings a man and a woman together for ...