Chandler Gory


Textbooks fill backpacks but empty wallets

According to a 2014 CNBC report, 65 percent of students decided against buying textbooks because they were too expensive, and 94 percent of students who skipped out on buying textbooks expressed concern that it may hurt their academic success. 

Alabama Democrats should have a better chance

Except Alabama is so entrenched in party politics that Doug Jones’ chances are slim to none... It’s a fitting metaphor for the state of politics in the United States. We’re so focused on who’s a Democrat and who’s a Republican that we can’t recognize what’s in right front of us.

American media must be less partisan

The media: it is a mammoth institution—the great gatekeeper of American democracy. Like it or not, the American people rely on the news media for the proper dissemination of information.

Congress should work for us

Republicans have been frantically trying to whip votes over the past couple of weeks. In their mad dash to smite the Democrats and throw out Obamacare, they constructed an abomination of a healthcare bill that would leave drastically more people uninsured.

Presidential vacations don't matter

Presidents like to take vacations. It’s a simple fact that we should all accept. Woodrow Wilson played around 1,200 rounds of golf during his less than 3,000 days in office; Dwight Eisenhower played 800 rounds; Ronald Reagan spent 335 days at his California ranch; and John F. Kennedy spent almost ...