Chandler Gory


American media must be less partisan

The media: it is a mammoth institution—the great gatekeeper of American democracy. Like it or not, the American people rely on the news media for the proper dissemination of information.

Congress should work for us

Republicans have been frantically trying to whip votes over the past couple of weeks. In their mad dash to smite the Democrats and throw out Obamacare, they constructed an abomination of a healthcare bill that would leave drastically more people uninsured.

Presidential vacations don't matter

Presidents like to take vacations. It’s a simple fact that we should all accept. Woodrow Wilson played around 1,200 rounds of golf during his less than 3,000 days in office; Dwight Eisenhower played 800 rounds; Ronald Reagan spent 335 days at his California ranch; and John F. Kennedy spent almost ...

We need the media in the age of Trump

Donald Trump is a product of the entertainment media. Long before he was president, he mastered the art of packaging and presenting himself to the world. He literally built himself an empire and created the Trump brand. The Trump name is his legacy, and now he’s tacked on the title ‘President’ ...

Democrats should work with Republicans

It seems, in the wake of the Obama years, that America has entered a new age of progressivism. Progress is quickly becoming the mantra of the millennial generation.

Fake news is on us

The 2016 election is distinctive for many, many reasons. It seems like we jumped from one scandal to the next— the emails, the Access Hollywood tape, the Clinton Foundation and all of Trump’s feuds and Twitter rants.

President-elect Trump must change to unite the country

I haven’t really experienced a Democratic loss before. The last time a Democrat lost the race for the White House, I didn’t know what was going on. I was 7 years old; I had no idea who John Kerry was. I was blissfully politically oblivious.

Americans should learn to accept atheism

I’m sitting in my Western Civilization class, watching my professor pace the front of the room. He’s talking fast, using big hand motions to act out a scene from history.