Chandler Gory


UPDATED: White nationalist speaker sparks controversy

Jared Taylor, a white nationalist,  was invited to speak at the University of Alabama on April 19 in the Russell Hall auditorium by the political group Students for America First. The title of his lecture is “Diversity: Is it Good For America?” Taylor said he plans to answer that question with ...

Free speech is important, but it can be dangerous

Many conservatives and libertarians will argue that banning any speech, no matter how inflammatory, is the markings of an overbearing, dictatorial government. I disagree. Keeping Nazis out of our streets should be a no-brainer, something so uncontroversial that we shouldn’t even have to have debates ...

Textbooks fill backpacks but empty wallets

According to a 2014 CNBC report, 65 percent of students decided against buying textbooks because they were too expensive, and 94 percent of students who skipped out on buying textbooks expressed concern that it may hurt their academic success. 

Alabama Democrats should have a better chance

Except Alabama is so entrenched in party politics that Doug Jones’ chances are slim to none... It’s a fitting metaphor for the state of politics in the United States. We’re so focused on who’s a Democrat and who’s a Republican that we can’t recognize what’s in right front of us.