Cassie Kuhn


Weinstein proves we need more than awareness around sexual assault

While it’s great that these issues of sexual assault are gaining more exposure and that people seem to be increasingly more comfortable discussing such issues, we’ve seen far too little change in the way that society at large approaches the subject of sexual abuse and misconduct. 

Employers should cover birth control in healthcare plans

If an employer giving their employees the option of taking birth control can be equated to them promoting contraceptive use, then by the same logic an employer depriving their employees of that option can be equated to promoting abortions. Is the latter really the moral high ground that religious health ...

The US government needs to help Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an American territory, so whether you support helping all countries in need or you believe in policies that put ‘America first’, supporting and prioritizing providing aid to Puerto Rico is the right thing to do. 

College students should do work that matters to them

By all means, work hard and do everything you can to ensure a bright future for yourself... But don’t find yourself abandoning the things that make you happy because you don’t have the time, or because they don’t look good on a resume. 

Nepotism must be rooted out of politics

To acknowledge the significant role that connections and wealth play in American politics doesn’t require cynicism so much as a healthy dose of realism. If you look at who holds American political offices, it’s pretty clear that having the charisma and appearance of a politician is a baseline requirement ...

Tomi Lahren's firing sets a dangerous precedent

In today’s political climate, we love to put labels on people and policies rather than taking the time to understand them in their totality. All too often, we’ve made up our minds about someone immediately after learning which political party they belong to.

UA Does not adequately support students with mental illnesses

Midterms are barely behind us, and many of the University’s students are under unbelievably high stress levels trying to maintain or raise their grades. With the consequences for a failed class as serious as delayed graduation or the loss of a scholarship, academics can be a source of intense stress ...