Carter Yancey


Price gouging during disasters is a good thing

It is for this reason that these commodities are the most likely to experience price gouging — the act of dramatically increasing the price of a good — which is an illegal and widely disdained practice. But counter to our intuition, price gouging is actually a good thing.

Students should strive for independence

The significance of independence has been forgotten, and with it the moral and pragmatic advantages it brings have vanished. It is important that we proudly and decisively take hold of our independence and all that comes with it.

Constitutional carry should be the norm

Last week, the Alabama Senate approved a Bill that would make Alabama a “Constitutional Carry” state, which is an unofficial term for states which do not require their citizens to hold permits to carry a handgun.

A free market in education will lower tuition

The goal of capitalism is to improve quality of life by maximizing the number of engagements in win-win economic transactions. This means that one party views a good as more valuable than their money while the other party at the same time views the customer’s money as more valuable than the commodity. ...

A response to Nathan Campbell: Regulation is a bad narrative

Recently, an article was published titled “Anti-regulation is just a narrative” wherein the thesis was essentially: “while regulations can harm certain industries” they are still necessary because they do not harm the economy overall and “they are most often written with the goal of alleviating ...

Free speech is more than a right

It is astonishing that discussion over the extent to which free speech applies is taking place in the United States of America. The right of free expression is fundamental and absolute, just as it ought to be.

Democrats and Republicans are the same

In case you haven't heard yet, our political system is divided primarily into two sects: Democrats on the left, Republicans on the right. Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican president, and since 1852 all of our presidents have been either a Republican or a Democrat.