Carolyn Duke


Spring breakers should have gone phone-free

For almost three whole months, the entire University looked forward to the exciting or relaxing spring break we just finished. Many students were enthusiastic to leave for spring break and yet many students probably spent much of their vacation on their mobile device rather than truly enjoying their ...

Free speech crucial to students' growth

As a future teacher in America's school systems, it is heart wrenching to know that universities have placed restrictions on freedom of speech in a setting that should foster discussion and discovery. 

Racism undermines 'self-made man'

Let’s talk about race. Let’s talk about the painful reality our society has created. Let’s face the blaring and unacceptable issues in our world today. Some readers may just have rolled their eyes because they believe this subject has become old news.

UA needs suicide prevention hotline for students

While speaking with a good friend about her contribution on campus during her college years, she spoke of one of her most rewarding and challenging volunteer involvements while at Texas A&M University.

Campus needs healthy food this year

With New Year's right behind us I'm sure many students on campus have New Year's resolutions. And I bet about half, if not more, of these resolutions are to be healthier.

American education needs to be updated alongside new discoveries

New discoveries are being made daily – discoveries across all disciplines, including education. These discoveries not only affect what we teach our children, but also how we teach them. A constantly changing knowledge base requires reexamining our entire education system and striving for continual ...

No such thing as 'death with dignity'

The death of Brittany Maynard has brought to light the issue of physician-assisted suicide and the moral issues associated with the Death with Dignity Act.

CW must broaden its news reporting

After asking the question, “Do you read The Crimson White?” The responses I have received include laughter, “The what?,” “I don’t think it’s worth my time,” “I get my news from social media” and “Every so often.” These responses are disheartening but not at all surprising.

Learn from mistakes made in Ebola case

Like most of you, I get at least one call a week from home. Not surprisingly, most of the conversations revolve around me. How are your classes? Are you getting enough sleep? Did you go to church? The family back home worries about my well-being, both emotionally and physically.