Caroline Builta


The sexualization of child actors must stop

With the recent influx of actors discussing their childhood sexual trauma at the hands of older actors and producers, we should be extra vigilant about the way that we feed into this culture of pedophilia. 

Alabama arts students deserve same respect as football team

Our football team leaves themselves on the field every week, and we walk away from that with a sense of pride. I guarantee that this ensemble is leaving their hearts on the stage every night, and you will walk out of this production - and every other departmental production - thoroughly moved.

Modern conservatism is incompatible with Christianity

There are few bigger proponents of social welfare in human history than Jesus Christ himself. The Bible teaches of compassion for and servitude towards the impoverished, and yet, there is no bigger proponent of “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps” than the Republican party.

Antidepressants need to be accepted

When I regularly take my pills, I still feel sad at the appropriate times, but at least I know that I will get through it and that there is still time to find joy in being alive.

College students should get hobbies

There are too many of us who become apathetic and check out a bit, and life isn’t meant to consist solely of scraping through your classes so that you can go to the bar that night.